How long have you been volunteering with Lifeline Canberra? 

  • 4 years

How did you get started volunteering with Lifeline Canberra?

  • Volunteering has always been a big part of my life. I have a friend who used to volunteers for a Lifeline Centre in another state and since we had similar roles at work I thought I might have the skills to do that too. But it wasn’t until we were planning to move to Canberra that I could do something about it so I jumped on the Lifeline Canberra website and never looked back.

What keeps you volunteering with Lifeline Canberra? 

  • The support from the staff, the friendliness of the other volunteers and staff, the support, feeling valued… and did I mention support!

What does taking a call on the Crisis Line mean to you?

  • It is very humbling to have a caller trust you, to open themselves up to you in their darkest moments and to know that being there for them at their time of need is something you can give them unconditionally.